Family Doctor's Advice Line can help

  • if You would like to know whether to go to the emergency department, visit Your family doctor or if You can solve the health issues at home
  • if the health problem occurs outside working hours, on holidays or at the weekends
  • if You are far from Your family doctor or if You are abroad (call +372 634 6630)
  • if You would like to know information about Estonian healthcare system (how to get / change family doctor, which spectialist to visit etc.)
  • if You need assistence in the kinderkarten or in the care facilities when healthcare specialist is not available.

Call fees

When calling +372 634 6630 (from Estonia and abroad), the caller pays for the call according to the telephone operator's price list.

When calling 1220, the caller will pay for the call from the first minute on the basis of the telephone operators' price lists (approximately  0.30 € / min (10.12.2019)).


  • Short number 1220 or +372 634 6630 (from Estonia and abroad)

  • In English the phone is open every day at 15.00-17.00

  • The phone is open in Estonian 24 hours a day, including weekends and public holiday